Why use an Accountant ?

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In this day and age there is a plethora of cloud accounting platforms and other options such as spread sheets, or even old fashioned ultra-reliable manual books  all available to help you do your own accounts. HMRC have a wealth of information to help you too. SO WHY USE AN ACCOUNTANT?


Well you probably didn’t go into business to do accounts and tax returns did you?  You went into business to make money for yourselves and your families by offering a service or goods that will somehow improve peoples lives, whether it be in the sense of health, wealth, or just by making them feel happier. And you work hard to achieve that. And if you are working hard helping other people, doesn’t it makes sense that you want to enjoy your own down time? By spending time with friends and family and doing the stuff that makes you happy. Not by spending your free time doing accounts and tax returns. We can free up your free time, leaving you energised to do what you enjoy doing.


You are an expert in your field because it is what you do, so does it make sense that you might not know all you need to know about tax and accounting?  Are you fully up-to-speed with the latest rules and case law and what HMRC is looking at right now?  What if you make a small error in just that area which HMRC are particularly interested in just now? Do you want to be the subject of an HMRC investigation?  You may have done nothing wrong at all, but do you want to waste time and emotionall energy  going through an investigation that can take years to fully resolve. Appoint a fully qualified experienced accountant and usually problems can be nipped in the bud.

And does it make sense that if you appoint an accountant early to prepare your accounts and tax returns, that HMRC will be more likely to conclude, “nothing to see here” and move on?

So by using an accountant you can avoid pitfalls and have peace-of-mind that even if HMRC ask questions you will be fully supported.